Perhaps They Should Call This the Pitbull?

Perhaps They Should Call This the Pitbull?

Posted by Daniel Harrison, USMC 0317 on Aug 30th 2021

There is a company is the shadows of Southern California, quietly waging a rebellion. Not one of physical violence or asymmetric warfare, but rather one of progressive manufacturing ideas and fresh thinking.

Ron DiDonato and his staff of experienced CNC machinists, Engineers, fabricators and welders are at the forefront of the progressive movement. They have created what I consider to be the lightest, most functional rail system on the market bar none. This new rail is offered as Key mod or MLOK to cater to your particular palate. What is most revolutionary though is the locking mechanism and it's fierce resistance to rotation or release.

SMF Tactical has single handily challenged even the biggest of defense contractors with the most loyal of followings in a single blow. This shot across the bow comes in the form of SMF's new line of tactical rails for both AR15 and AR10 type rifles. The pragmatic design approach and a unique value proposition are sure to entice both government agencies as well as the discriminating American Rifleman alike.

Ron and his crew of mad scientists have taken what appears to be a step backward away from complexity. This departure heralds in a new era of lightweight, exceptionally effective and user friendly accessories. While many industry leaders currently have multifaceted and involved locking and anti-rotational designs, Ron has implemented a simple and elegant solution.

SMF's new rails have a pair of tabs machined into the single piece monolithic design. These two tabs are of select specifications and securely grab your upper receiver and prevent the rail system from moving laterally, period. What stops the rail from working its way loose by forward movement you ask? Well let me tell you, the best proprietary barrel nut I have ever seen! The ribbed barrel nut allows the rail (which has a machined receiving grove) to lock into place after you release the tension. The tension is created essentially spreading two legs on the bottom of the rail creating just enough separation to slide over the barrel nut. Once the spreading bolt is removed there is honestly no way for the rail system to extricate itself from the fore end of your rifle, unless you use the included special tool.

This is my favorite rail system on the market and it's likely that SMF will have the competition scratching their heads asking why they didn't think of this first. The next step by the competition will likely be to see how they can exploit Ron's advances, only find out the new design is already Patent Pending thanks to SMF's dedicated team of attorneys.

Ladies and Gentlemen if you are in the market for an exceptional quality lightweight and robust rail system, give the fine folks at SMF Tactical a serious look, you're not likely to be disappointed. Tell them I sent you and when you call your likely to speak directly to Ron DiDonato himself. As always we support American businesses and this is a fine example. God bless these United States of America.

-Semper Fi

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