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 Welcome to SMF Tactical, Inc. Although new to the tactical firearms industry, SMF Tactical, Inc., is an offshoot of a much larger manufacturing company established almost 43 years ago. Superior Metal Fabricators, Inc. opened for business in August of 1977 as an industrial job shop that serviced many Fortune 500 companies through the years in both service and product manufacturing. From medical device makers, pharmaceutical companies, RV manufacturers, all the way to defense contractors involved with the B1 Bomber and F16 ground support systems, to oil service manufacturing companies. SMF, Inc. has produced customer products that are scattered around the globe. Having a broad range of experience and being able to witness so many different types manufacturing processes has been a great educational tool that has proven to be beneficial as we expand our product base.

Then in 2010, we met a young man who was a Marine Corp HOG Sniper. He introduced us to the industry and that was my first experience with an AR-15. Now that young man is an American hero. After two combat tours and a Purple Heart, he convinced me to look into the tactical firearms industry. In 2012 we jumped in, not with one but two new Haas CNC vertical mills and within six months a third then a forth one.

Seven years later, SMF Tactical Inc. is a respected name in the firearm industry. As we continue to grow and refine our existing products and develop new ones we look forward with excitement to our future.  

We manufacture our AR-15 lower and upper receivers from 7075 aluminum forgings. We offer our TAC-10 receiver sets which is a multi-caliber lower for 308win, 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5 Grendel, and is Armalite compatible. And we offer a standard 308 DPMS. In 2016 we set out to develop our TAC-30 for longer range shooters. Our TAC-30 sets will accommodate 25-06, 30-06, 7MM Remington, 8MM Mauser, and 300 Winmag. It has now arrived and is one of the finest long-range semi-automatic rifles in the industry. Adding to that is our new XLS (patented) hand guards for both AR-15 and .308/AR-10. We utilize our own propriety Stainless barrel nut and 6061-T6 aluminum rail, which many have said, is a game changer. XLS (Expandable Locking System) Its revolutionary technology will create a paradigm shift with in the industry regarding hand guard attachment, no more timing, no special tools, and it’s secure. SMF Tactical Inc., is here for the industry, to hear your voices as change and innovation are always just around the corner.

Our future product goals include 1911 pistols of various calibers and aluminum frame Glocks that are being developed today for release in the near future.

Quality, precision components, innovative styling and design, all made in the USA.

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SMF Tactical Inc., Reno, Nevada 

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